[Webinar] Wellness in Senior Living in the age of COVID-19

Senior housing wellness needs — for both residents and staff — have never been greater than during this new age of COVID-19. Those needs reach into every area of daily resident life, from fitness and diet to programming and socialization. 
A focus on wellness for the body, the mind and the spirit can help residents during the COVID-19 crisis, while also creating sustainable practices for the post-COVID world.
Wellness initiatives must also extend to staff, whose needs for mental health breaks throughout their shifts are greater when dealing with the additional stress of the pandemic. A focus on wellness throughout the community can also bring residents and staff closer together — while giving family members peace of mind.


May 29, 2020


you will learn:
            • How to deliver physical fitness when outdoor activities are restricted
            • Wellness dining, from diet and nutrition to socialization during social distancing
            • The programming that uplifts residents, from art and music to virtual reality
            • And more!

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