Home as a Caregiver: How AI-Enabled Apartments and Homes Can Change Senior Living

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged senior living like never before. While caregivers and staff members worked heroically to maintain the industry’s standard of excellence, even their health and wellbeing was affected by COVID, creating greater vulnerability for residents at a time when the industry was already feeling a staffing crunch.
To solve this, technology innovator Caspar.AI has taken the next step in senior-centric artificial intelligence: AI homes. These easy-to-install AI-enabled spaces address several of today’s senior living problems, creating a new safety-and-wellness experience suited for 2021, with a return on investment crucial for bottom line health. 

January 4, 2021

Insider, Operations, Executive Insights

you will learn
    • How AI homes can save operators $2,300 - $3,600 per unit annually
    • How Caspar.AI solved two of the major problems in senior-centric AI: no wearables, and a focus on privacy
    • Why AI homes become an additional caregiver
    • And more!

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