Inside the Big Business of Ancillary Services in Senior Living

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Gone are the days when multiple dining and programming options satisfy senior living residents’ wants and needs.

The residents of today and tomorrow want the real total package—and that includes health care and wellness within arm’s reach.

Ancillary services in senior living encompass anything and everything from rehab and salons to dermatology and X-Rays, all administered on site in an effort to serve residents as completely as possible.

This report dives into the advantages of ancillary services in your senior living operations, with original research detailing new and innovative approaches for care, ways to drive revenue, bolster occupancy and improve resident length of stay.

Don’t miss out on the ancillary services opportunity—take a new approach to full-service senior living through additional amenities and clinical services that go above and beyond resident expectations.

Ancillary services are the key to successful senior living of tomorrow. Get ahead of the curve and bring your senior living business to new heights.

June 27, 2017

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In this book
This 27-page report is available for $199 and includes:
  • Strategies to implement ancillary services in senior living communities
  • Data on the big business opportunity around ancillary services
  • Design considerations for ancillary services
  • Innovative ideas about ancillary services of the future
  • And much, much more!