Inside The Future of University Partnerships In Senior Living

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Partnering with a university can be a part of any senior living provider's strategic plan, and many have already found success with this model.
Senior living communities with university connections are becoming more common, but it's critical for providers to approach this model correctly. 

Senior Housing News takes a deep dive into the future of university partnerships in senior living, from the successes to the failures. Our original report shows why creating strong ties with a university is one of the smartest moves a senior housing provider can make.

November 16, 2017

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Inside this 27-page report, you will find:
  • Data from our original survey of 400 seniors who were asked about their preferences and knowledge about university-affiliated retirement
  • Case studies of two university-affiliated senior living communities
  • A comprehensive list of university-affiliated senior living communities nationwide
  • Definitions and terminology relating to university-affiliated senior housing and an explanation of how these partnerships work
  • ...and more!