Inside The Rise of Multi-Venue Dining In Senior Living

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Today’s senior living residents demand restaurant-style dining. And today’s communities have not one or two, but in many cases, three or more restaurant-style venue options—from bistros to stations and fine dining.

This shift toward high variety presents an opportunity for operators to exceed the expectations of incoming residents. Through design and operations, successful multi-venue dining programs are wow-ing residents with executive chefs, demonstration kitchens, counter-style seating, ethnic food stations, tablet-based ordering and more.

This report examines the top design and management principles that are shaping the high-variety senior living dining experience.


August 14, 2017

Dining, Operations, Architecture and Design, Report, Premium

This 24-page report is available for $199 and features:
  • Data on baby boomer and senior living resident dining preferences and how those preferences are driving variety in dining
  • How operators use technology and innovation to manage multiple dining venues within a single community
  • How designers are creating unique spaces for mulie-venue dining
  • The future of dining staffing in senior housing