How Medicare Claims Data is Changing the Equation on Senior Housing Market Expansion

An accurate read of market demand is crucial for any business. But for senior living operators, gaining that read is growing more complex.
Given the wide range of resident needs across the care continuum, matching those needs with services is of critical importance. Age- and income-eligible seniors in search of independent living will not move into assisted living or memory care, and vice versa. 
Now, VisionLTC is bringing a new capability to operators, helping them automatically parse Medicare claims data in a given region as a cutting-edge form of market analysis.

January 4, 2021

Insider, Operations, Executive Insights

you will learn
    • How senior living investors, developers and operators are tapping into the public Medicare claims database to gain key market insights.
    • How operators can use that data to identify new opportunities to attract specific residents
    • The role VisionLTC is playing in these efforts
    • And more!

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