Multi-brand Strategies in Senior Housing

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The impending wave of baby boomers into the senior population will bring more than just massive numbers of potential residents. This isn’t merely a question of bulk. It’s a question of breadth, with a wider range of seniors becoming inherently trickier to serve.

Yet serving seniors is already tricky. National penetration rates are around 10%, leaving nearly 90% of seniors outside of senior housing. Some want to stay in their homes.

Others, though, may not yet have found the product they’re looking for.

To combat this, operators are embracing a new solution: the multi-brand strategy. Inspired by hospitality with an eye toward the bottom line, these providers are creating new product lines to meet the needs of specific customer segments.

This report shows how.


February 27, 2019

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In this REPORT
In this 21-page report, you will learn:
    • How operators are molding product lines to capture new customers

    • The advantages and challenges of developing brands based on price point, acuity, geography or lifestyle

    • Why the middle market is the most challenging income-based product to define and, as such, why it is filled with promise

    • The six most important lessons operators are taking from hospitality to develop a multi-brand strategy

    • The sweet spot of brands for senior housing

    • And much more!