Resident Safety Technology During a Pandemic: 3 New Ways to Adapt

Senior living operators have many technology tools at their fingertips to help manage the health and safety of their residents. But in the wake of COVID-19, the very definition of a resident safety system is being rewritten, with infection control taking a front seat. 
At the heart of this movement is the emergence of a cloud-based real-time location system, or RTLS technology. RTLS can uncover a rich dataset of activity, allowing operators to leverage additional layers of tools. 
This eBook shows how platforms with cloud-based, advanced technology can help keep residents and staff healthy in a crisis, and beyond.

July 8, 2020

Technology, Operations

you will learn
  • How to deliver social distance through technology
  • The importance of historical movement playback and individualized geo-fencing
  • The path to tech-enabled contact tracing following disease outbreak
  • The benefits for family and visitors
  • And more!

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