Repositioning Strategies for the Next Generation of Senior Housing

Repositioning senior housing assets to better serve baby boomers was already high on the minds of today’s operators, and that was even before the industry learned that by 2029, 54% of middle-income older adults in the United States will not be able to afford market-rate senior living.
To meet these new consumer demands, senior living operators are increasingly repositioning assets. This is different from expansion or downsizing. Those are size adjustments. Repositioning is about function. 
Finding that ideal function requires strategy. Plante Moran Living Forward can help.

December 1, 2020

Insider, Operations, Executive Insights

you will learn
  • The 3 areas of focus for operators seeking to reposition existing properties
  • The 5 most popular types of repositioning projects
  • Top methods for proactively creating funds to avoid deferred maintenance
  • And more!

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