[White Paper] Rethinking the Senior Living Sales Funnel - Why the Magic's in the Middle

Deeper Connections, More Move-Ins: Why Prospect-Centered Selling® Wins
Two senior living operators have 100 new leads. One operator uses a traditional, transactional style of selling that focuses on the top of the sales funnel. The other operator uses a prospect-centered approach, where more time is spent in the middle of the funnel.
From those 100 leads, the first operator secures 10 move-ins.
The second operator: 20.
All else being equal, the second operator’s sales advantage is not one of product, but of process: working in the middle of the sales funnel, rather than the top. A mid-funnel strategy leads to deeper engagement, spending more quality, purposeful selling time with fewer leads, generating more move-ins.

February 4, 2022

Operations, Report

you will learn:
  • 5 key drivers of sales performance across all care types
  • How senior living sales teams can better meet the needs of prospects
  • The top technology to help senior living sales teams close business
  • And more!

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