The Age of Supported Autonomy: The New Role of Senior Living as a Champion for Healthy Longevity

A rich holistic lifestyle, with regular movement, continued learning, strong social connections and meaningful purpose, is a major determinant of how we will age. Senior housing can deliver that lifestyle by offering a state-of-the-art process that provides each resident the opportunity to navigate his or her own course with confidence that everything necessary to be successful is readily available.

That is: supported autonomy.

This white paper will describe the characteristics of such a process and make recommendations for evolving current wellness and healthy longevity practices into an effective model.

March 22, 2021

Insider, Operations, Executive Insights

You will learn
  • How senior living operators can use lifestyle programs to drive growth
  • The six areas of focus for a healthy longevity
  • Masterpiece’s unique, data-driven approach to successful aging in senior living
  • How Masterpiece uses tools, sophisticated content, and delivery platforms to help residents achieve lifestyle goals
  • And more!

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