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The Primary Care Opportunity In Senior Living

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Health care costs for seniors are soaring, health levels are plateauing and experts across the care continuum are searching for fixes to both. The answer could be found by going back to the basics in medical care.

And senior housing might hold the key.

The “basics” in question is primary care. With the continued growth of value-based care for seniors, largely through the implementation of Medicare Advantage plans, there is a renewed focus on the importance of these most basic of doctor visits.

Senior housing is a powerful hub for these visits. As 2019 takes shape, that collective realization among all involved in the care of seniors has the potential to dramatically shift the power structure in the care continuum.

Senior living can be the beneficiary — if operators embrace the opportunity.


January 31, 2019

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In this 23-page report, you will learn:
  • How senior living operators can take a power position in the care continuum by bringing primary care onsite
  • The improved health outcomes for seniors when time with primary care physicians increases
  • How senior living’s primary care delivery is impacting Medicare Advantage
  • How innovative senior living operators are creating new revenue streams by owning Medicare Advantage plans
  • The VC-funded disruptors bringing primary care to senior housing
  • The impact that major insurers, including Humana, are having on primary care delivery for seniors
  • And much more!