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The Race for Evidence-based Memory Care Dining

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By the year 2050, more than twice as many people than today are projected to have Alzheimer’s, while the total number of dementia patients could be up threefold.

And no one agrees how to feed them.

In interviews with memory care operators, chefs, food service providers, dietitians, gerontologists and outside thought leaders, a clear picture emerges: despite strong methodologies throughout the industry, no definitive, evidence-based standard exists.

That’s because with its wide range types and severity, dementia poses a unique challenge to researchers. Today’s memory care dining programs are often built around both clinical studies and guess-and-check procedures, but the ability to measure impact is limited, leading to a national discourse filled with uncertainty.

With new entrants coming into the senior living industry and consumers and their adult children becoming more savvy and data-driven, operators cannot rely on yesterday’s methods to meet the demands of tomorrow’s memory care residents.

This report can help providers fill in the gaps.

August 28, 2018

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In this Report
In this 31-page report, you will learn:
  • 30 concrete tips for memory care dining
  • How to connect with tomorrow’s data-driven senior care decision-makers
  • The clinical research and studies already driving elite memory care dining programs
  • The training that can change the work of frontline staff
  • The colors, room design and menu items providers need to know
  • And much more!