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[White Paper] Top 5 Senior Living Technology Trends for 2020

From telehealth to voice-enabled smart home platforms, artificial intelligence and the infrastructure supporting all this technology, senior living providers are acting fast to put new capabilities in place and ensure that existing systems are performing to their full potential. The COVID-19 pandemic has added to this technology surge in 2020 by setting the stage for a year of upheaval for the world and the senior living industry. 
This white paper examines five key technology trends now at the forefront of senior living: telehealth, infrastructure, voice-enabled smart home technology with health monitoring, artificial intelligence, and security/safety.

June 12, 2020

Operations, Report

you will learn:
  • Why telehealth has become a must-have technology in senior living
  • How outdated infrastructure curtails an operator’s ability to react to COVID-19
  • The many ways in which artificial intelligence improves quality of life
  • And more!

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